The PDMA, Inc. – stand for A Die and Mold Industry
Association of the Philippines

Registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as non stock and non-profit organization.
The PDMA, Inc. has formed and organized a biennial exhibition entitled “PDMEX” in 2003.  



The PDMA, Inc. is composed of seven (7) sectors, each with at least two (2) representatives to the Board.  The seven (7) sectors are the following:

  • Die Casting and Forging
  • Electronics & Semiconductor Tooling
  • Government (represented by the MIRDC )
  • Metal Stamping
  • Plastic, Rubber & Packaging;  and
  • Technological Resources
  • Machining and Equipment Fabrication Sector



To promote the rapid modernization of the Philippine die and mold industry by fostering closer cooperation between and among the members of the industry, academe and the government by serving as catalyst in consolidating their efforts and in mobilizing the capability of the die and mold industry to meet the demand of the local export market under the standards of global excellence.



  • Policy Advocacy & Support - to formulate, initiate and advocate policies and strategies for the mold & die industry, review the existing industry policies and closely monitor the implementation thereof Industry Consolidation and Networking Building — to establish a network or linkages with industry leaders, partnership corporations, associations or persons engaged in die and mold making, local and foreign, for the purpose of exchanging views and information, establishing bases for cooperation or undertaking collaborative activities for the advancement of the interest of the die and mold industry.
  • Information Dissemination - to establish a center for information dissemination on researches, technologies and policies and programs pertaining or affecting the mold and die industry.
  • Technical Capability - to promote closer collaboration between and among the industry, the academe and the government in upgrading the technical capability of educational institutions offering subjects on tool and die making and in conducting technical programs for skills improvement of people involved in the industry.
  • Establishment of Common Research Technical Facilities and Creating a Pool of Technical Consultants - to establish common research and technical facilities for the industry and create a pool of technical consultants of such nature as may advance the common interests of the industry.